Comparing Dash and Shiny in the most simple, but interactive dashboard implementation

In the data science field, it is common for the final goal of a project to end in some sort of dashboard or web app to visualize your results. Both widely used data science languages, Python and R, each have their own packages to tackle this issue.

R has a single, main package named Shiny that makes it easy to build interactive web apps straight from R. On the other hand, Python has a few packages that are widely used depending on the intensity of the project.

The three main packages for Python web apps are Django, Flask, and Dash…

Using Pandas to analyze Spotify Top 200 lists over the last 5 years


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many of the activities that involve listening to music have been halted, such as exercising or commuting to work. No more window-down cruisin’ with the music blasting or attending music concerts/festivals. With that said, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the success of the industry’s top artists. With my findings, I will be determining the most popular and most consistent artists, along with identifying the rising stars and let downs.

As anyone who has a passion for music and data science, I figured there is no better time to consider who has been at the top…

Nathan Lang

Data Scientist. Computer Engineer. Passionate about Machine Learning.

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